Transverse Abdominis

Important Transverse Abdominis Muscle


The important transverse abdominis muscle is known to perform some important functions in the body. Before we take a look at the different functions of this abdomen muscle, let’s formulate a basic definition of the transverse abdominis. Basically, the transverse abdominis is a muscle layer of anterior and lateral abdominal wall. It is considered to be the deepest muscle of the abdomen wall, with connections to various other counterparts. The transverse abdominis is known to arise from the inguinal ligament, iliac crest and the cartilages of the last five ribs. Some people believe that transverse abdominis is the most important muscle in the core of the body.

Transverse Abdominis Exercises

The transverse abdominis exercises are important for strengthening this muscle in a variety of ways. Basically, the transverse abdominis contracts during a lot of lifts and exercises as it is the natural weight lifting belt of the body, responsible for stabilizing a lot many structures. While there are several debates associated with the transverse abdominis function, no theory has been proved about it yet. The best kind of transverse abdominis exercises that you can find for your body are vacuum exercises. The vacuum exercise is considered to be the most effective transverse abdominis exercise that can bring some amazing results to the fore. Traditionally, vacuum exercise has been seen as the best way of strengthening the abdominal muscles. In order to achieve the best results from such exercises, you should practice them in repetitions. In order to perform these transverse abdominis exercises simply, without any weights, you need to draw in your bellybutton towards the spine. By doing so, you would be stressing the transverse abdominis and working it out. There are some variations to this kind of transverse abdominis exercises and your trainer would help you in discovering them.

Transverse Abdominis Strengthening

The transverse abdominis strengthening can be carried out through the transverse abdominis exercises mentioned above. You would find that these exercises help in strengthening the transverse abdominis in a big way. Since the transverse abdominis is associated with the core of the body, and various functions associated with this connection, it is important that transverse abdominis strengthening is carried out. Further, transverse abdominis strengthening would ensure that your belly shape is regulated and controlled. The transverse abdominis is an important muscle that should be worked out on a regular basis.

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